Learning to drive - Introduction

Think silver driving school car for driving lessons

This section is designed to provide all the necessary information on the UK Driving Test and how Think can help you with learning to drive. From the legal requirements right through to post-test training and information that will assist you on the road.

In recent years several changes have been made to the test designed to help make people become safer drivers.

These include the introduction of two new elements:

• The Theory Test in 1996
• The Hazard Perception test in 2002
• The 'show me tell me' questions in 2003
• The 'Independant Driving' section in October 2010
• The 'Sat Nav Driving' section in December 2017
• Revised 'show me tell me' questions in December 2017
• Driving tests being marked on tablets not paper in 2019

Before learning to drive, you must have a provisional driving licence. Apply for yours online or visit your local post office to obtain the D1 form.