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  • driving lessons Alton driving school Stanley from Four Marks,
    After having driving lessons with Ian @
    Well done Stanley!
  • driving lessons Bracknell Ian weir ADI Kieran from Alton,
    on September 17th 2019,
    After having driving lessons with Scott @
    Well done Kieren!
  • driving lessons Bracknell Ian weir ADI Harry from Guildford,
    on September 17th 2019,
    After having driving lessons with Clive @
    Well done Harry!


The first 4 hours of driving lessons are only £84 Call Now 0800 6123 566

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Driving Lessons With Local Driving Instructor

Welcome to the website of Think Driving School. We offer driving lessons led by experienced, professional, DSA Checked and tested instructors. For more information on Learning to Drive please browse our site, and don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions. In addition to Driving Lessons for beginners we also provide full Driving Instructor Training, Teaching plans, ADI & PDI franchises, B+E Training, Pass Plus, Motorway Driving Lessons, Driver Confidence-boosting sessions and Theory help...

Think Driving School Services include Learner Driver Training, Driving instructor training, B+E training, Pass Plus, Motorway driving courses, ADI franchises, PDI franchises, teaching plans, Confidence Boosting lessons, Theory help and many other things

We cover a multitude of areas in Alton, Four Marks, Bentley, Beech, Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London, If you live in one of these areas give us a call and we can arrange a lesson with your local instructor when it is convenient for you.

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5 Reasons to Choose Think driving school

1 – Our instructors attend monthly training session (CPD) to make sure they are the best instructors in the industry.
2 – Think Driving School has a pass rate of 67% that's 21% higher than the national average (click for details).
3 – 98% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.
4 – The first 4 hours are only £84 that gives you a chance to see how good we are and save money at the same time.
5 – After your first 4 hours its only £32 per hour or £299 for 10 hours.

The First 4 hours are only £84 Call Now 0800 6123 566 or 07787 434614

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Driving Lessons in Alton Local Knowledge

"As a driving instructor I pick up and drop off a lot of my students at Alton College, so most the people I teach experience Alton and its large amount of mini roundabouts. Alton also has quite a few hills so is useful for helping to teach hill starts. The industrial park in Alton is also a great place to learn many things from basic moving off for the first time to some manoeuvres. As Alton has quite a lot of history and is a fairly old town, it has several narrower and less driver friendly roads as cars where not considered when designing the streets and building many years ago. This really helps us as driving instructors to teach the learners more difficult things, and how to work out the best way to deal with them."

(Ian @ Think Driving School)

The first 4 hours of driving lessons are only £84 Call Now 0800 6123 566


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B+E Lessons Do you need to Take a test to tow a Trailer??

B+E lessons trailer lessons towing lessons Adam Iliffe Revesing trailers in high wycombe

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